BY: Issie Miller, and Hannah Friesner


Did you know that your country was sending people on a one way trip to paradise, freedom, and adventure. Well if you’re interested keep reading for chance to go to Africa! Europe has been sending groups of people to Africa to live, and explore. The groups that are moving are called colonies, and they are loving their new permanent lives in the beautiful, and sunny continent.

Self sufficent

We are getting much needed resources from Africa to become self sufficient. This means that we will be able to supply for ourselves, without having to rely on other countries. This will also make us more powerful, and independent which is better for our future.

Outlets for population

We are also using the places as outlets for population and overcrowding. With all of the factories on Europe there has been a lot of people moving to Europe from all over, which made for to many people that now has somewhere to live with plenty of room.


In Africa we will also be sending missionaries to teach the natives things like reading, writing, and religion to help them be civilized. They will also be building schools, and churches.


Everyday you would get to experience a new culture in a new landscape with lower taxes, and help build an empire with your nationalism, pride, and love for your country in your choice of lush, or dry Africa. If you want your country to be the best, this is a good choice for their navy, and wealth.

Investing surplus capitol

If you want to make your money, look no further. With this new and expensive adventure your country will be investing in things like boats, and trader posts to make more money.

New markets

This new place will bring many fresh, and bright opportunities for selling your goods. In this place it is also much easier to get a vendors license to sell goods.

White man's burden

And lastly, you have been fortunate enough to have the knowledge of proper, sanitation, medical technology, and etiquette. Coming to this land you will be able to help the savages, change their lives for the better.