Electronic Medical Records

my opinion of EMR

The Question That Is Being Answered

QUESTION: Are you in favor of, or opposed to, the investment of government dollars to make sure that the health records of all Americans are computerized within the next five years?

Computers are the main source of information and keeps more record and files on them than a cell phone.when the government began putting billions of dollars into a push to make electronic medical records the universal standard.”Computerization of healthcare data would quickly get patients' health information where it needs to go, improving care and cutting costs”.(Hospitals Are Moving (slowly)To Electronic Medical Records). Now if you get hurt and need medical treatment all you have to do is go see the doctor and they can pull up your past information all in one click. I am in favor of our government putting their money into something that can help everybody in the world later on in the future. Some examples of Electronic Medical Records Paper are Track data over time, Identify patients who need visits and screenings,

Monitor how patients blood pressure readings, Improve overall quality of care in a practice some hospitals like to keep records and some like to have theirs on files or as we all know computers. (HealthIT. Gov)

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