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Volume 2 ~ Issue 13 ~ October 26, 2020

Wonderful Triton Staff,

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success." Brian Tracy

Central to mastering self-control is learning how to delay gratification. As we ready to enter the holiday season, delayed gratification is often put to the test. Our weight goals are set aside in order to enjoy delectable holiday food. Kids try to figure out ways to know what their parents got them for the holiday. These are just two of the many things that sabotage our self-control. As we approach the end of the first semester, it is important that we help each other and our students to continue in our journey of developing our self-control and remain steadfast in that pursuit. Let's model to our children how to embrace the concept of delayed gratification as part of the journey. What is it in your life that needs you to delay gratification in order to gain a greater reward in the long term?

Potential Onsite Academic Support at Schools (Still in negotiations with SEA & CSEA)

Last week, ELM was chosen as one of the schools to set up outdoor tutoring spaces for bargaining units to visit as they negotiate with the district to re-open our schools for academic support only. REMEMBER: THIS IS STILL BEING NEGOTIATED. Should they come to an agreement, ELM will re-open its doors for tutoring between now and December 18.. What that looks like is still being planned. The students who will be chosen will be the most at-risk; this means that there will be an intense focus to provide this potential onsite support to our special ed students. I will be meeting with FAC on Tuesday, 10/27 to discuss our plans so that we are ready if an agreement is met.

Technology Hardware Needs for Distance Learning:

Several of you have asked me to purchase things like headphones, ergonomic wireless mice and other hardware needs. Please complete this survey so that I know how many to purchase. We would like to put in the order by Wednesday.

ELM District Parent Advisory Committee Representative:

Staff, we are in need of a parent to represent ELM at the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC). If you are an ELM parent, you would qualify to represent ELM at the meetings. If you would like more information or would like to represent our school, please email Dr. Adams at or our SSC Chairperson, Ms. Bolles at

Progress Report is on November 6:

With progress report 2 around the corner, now is the time to secure your grades by taking advantage of all the available academic support ELM is offering. Below are all the tutoring available for you. Teachers have to submit grades by November 4 at 5:00pm. Don't wait until the last minute.

  1. Office Hours and Asynchronous Sessions
  2. English 8 Tutoring.
  3. Virtual Math 7 and 8 Tutoring
  4. Virtual 7th Grade Science Tutoring

Yearbook Request: Halloween Traditions:

Students, what do your families do to celebrate Halloween? If you have a family tradition for Halloween, please use the link below to submit a photo of you participating in your family Halloween tradition. Your photo may be used for our yearbook this year.

ASB Spirit Week: Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

The last week of October is dedicated to celebrating Red Ribbon Week, a campaign focused on helping students to understand the importance of being drug-free. Each day, we will be doing something to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

  • Monday: Wear Red all Day. Submit your photo into
  • Tuesday: Lunch Activity: Red Ribbon Trivia Kahoot Game Live on Google Meet! Round 1
  • Wednesday: Our Future Matters=Be Drug Free (Wear College Gear)
  • Thursday: Lunch Activity: Red Ribbon Trivia Kahoot Game Live on Google Meet! Round 2
  • Friday: Wear your Halloween Costume and Voting for Costume and Pumpkin Carving

ELM Spirit Gear Purchase Window Is Open Again:

Tritons! The online spirit gear store at Next Day Printed Tees is open again! Orders can be placed on until November 30th. Expected completion date of items is December 15th (the week before Winter Break). Paid shipping or free customer pickup at NDPT available.

South Bay Loops of Love Successful Drive to Continue until November 6

Thanks to all ELM families who participated in this donation drive to support breast cancer survivors and homeless women. Over 300 items were donated on Saturday. Some of you have asked if it is still possible to donate. The answer is YES! ELM will continue to accept donations until November 5. Starting tomorrow, there will be a blue collection bin in the front of the main office. Place all donations inside the bin, which will available until November 5.

Below are slides and video information that are pertinent to the week. They appear in this order:

1. ELM Artist of the Year

2. Join the Art Club

3. Academic Support for Quarter 2

~Available Daily Support

~English 8 Tutoring

~Virtual Math Tutoring Schedule

~Virtual 7th Grade Science Tutoring Schedule

~ELM Teachers Distance Learning Dashboard

4. October Triton Trait: Self-Control

~Self-Control Quotes

5. Yearbook Submission Requests

~Halloween Traditions

6. ASB Spirit Week: Red Ribbon Week

7. South Bay Loops of Love Successful Drive

8. Important Schedule Date Changes

9. Lunch Distribution Announcement

10. Attendance Clearance Form

11. ELM Restorative Practice Parent Referral Form

12. Genus Bar Teachers Support Form

31. ELM Technology Support Line

Finally, here is the link to the parent newsletter.

Let's have an amazing week!

Mrs. Finley

ELM Artist of the Week: Naomi Gassaway

For the first time in its history, ELM will celebrate future artists. Here is the first nominee!

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Progress Report 2 is November 6

Teachers, as Progress Report 2 approaches, please continue to encourage your students to attend all available support we have provided for them.

During the day on Mondays - Thursdays, there are two (2) embedded academic support available to you DAILY: 1) Officer Hours and 2) Asynchronous sessions. Our survey revealed that 31% of you do not use any of these supports, which could contribute to them feeling overwhelmed with the work. Before the next progress report on November 6, it is important that you use these support so that you can remain current with your assignments. Please see the picture below

Also added, is a 7th grade science tutoring session on Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. A 7th grade teacher will be available for you to ask for additional support.

This week, English 8 will start a tutoring program after school. Please click on the pdf file below to download the information. Or you can click on this link.

Don't wait until weeks from now to get caught up. This is your part in learning how to regulate your actions so that you develop your self-control.

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ELM Teacher Distance Learning Dashboard

This dashboard contains information about how you can be successful in each of their teachers’ classrooms. Please click on the title to access the dashboard

October Triton Trait of the Month: Self-Control

Self-control is one of the most important traits we can master. Self-control gives us the power to master our emotions, especially anger. When you demonstrate self-control, it means you have trained your mind to be tougher than your emotions.

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Yearbook Submission Request: Halloween Traditions

What are your Halloween Traditions? Please submit a photo of you participating in your Halloween Traditions. Your photo may be used in the yearbook this year!

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ASB Spirit Week: Red Ribbon Week

It is Red Ribbon Week and we will celebrate by having our first spirit week of the year. This year's theme is "Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free."

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ELM is partnering up with South Bay Loops of Love to collect needed materials for breast cancer survivors. Like me, many of you know victims to this type of cancer and there are many in our community. Let's support them by participating.

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Important Schedule Changes in Quarter 2

Below are the schedule changes for Quarter 2 in accordance to two major holidays: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Break. Please mark on your calendar.

Please note there is a major change for the veteran holiday schedule for the week. Eastlake High has adopted the A-B-H-A-B schedule. Since both schools share families and share teachers, ELM will also change its Thursday schedule from B (Periods 4, 5, 6) to A (Periods 1, 2, 3) and Friday schedule from F (Periods 1-6) to Schedule B (Periods 4, 5, 6). Thank you for your understanding and don't forget to add to your family calendar.
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Attendance Clearance Form

Have an absence to clear? Click on this tile bar to access the ELM Attendance Clearance Form.

ELM Restorative Practice Parent Referral Form

Parents, if your student exhibiting high stress levels, has not adapted well to the start of the school year or need additional support, please click on the title bar to complete the Parent Referral Form.

Genius Bar Teachers Support Form

Triton Students, are you in need of TECH support? If so click on the title ELM Genius Bar Support Form, fill it out and an ELM Techy Teacher will reach out to you. Also check out the video below, to learn more about the Genius Bar

ELM Technology Support Desk

If you need help with any technology issue, please contact Mr. Doyle, our site IT support. He will get back to you faster.

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ELM Staff Handbook

Click on the title to access all important documents for ELM

ELM Calendar of Events

Click on the title to access the ELM Calendar of Events