Highland Belles

By: Reva Florko


Girls trying out for the Highland Belles will have to perform a pre-choreographed kick, jazz, and pom routine.

They should try to perfect on these skills...

  • Axel
  • Double pirouette
  • Triple pirouette
  • Toe touch
  • Right and left splits
  • Russian
  • Jete
  • Switch leap
  • Calypso
  • Turns in second
  • Kicks above the head
All new girls and girls already on the team will be trying out.

During tryout clinics the girls will be judged on there flexibility and skill performance.

Highland Park Drill Team at Sherman Texas September 2010

History of the Belles

1. The Belles was created in 1983 and has been going strong for 30 years.

2. one tradition that I liked was "Day One as a Belle: on the first day of school after the new team is selected, all “new girls” wear their yellow paper bell. During lunch hours, “old girls” will instruct the “new girls” to introduce themselves, to the upperclassmen. The “new girl” will stand on a lunch table and yell at the top of her lungs, “I’m ___, and Ding Dong, I’m a Belle!”"

3. They have only had 4 directors for the Belles and one director was with the team for 22 years.

4. The highland Belles have scholarships that they could give the girls on there team.

5. Many of there directors were either on a previous team and/or directed another drill team.

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First Team of the Belles

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2013-2014 Lieutenants

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2013-2014 Team