January 4-8

Week A

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Dec 18 is considered a "snow day". The school calendar has one built in make-up day for the first semester. First semester will still end on January 14. Teacher workdays are still Jan 15 and 18.

Reminders from Fire Marshall:

  • Doors can't be propped open if they have an automatic closure
  • Hallways and entrances must be clear
  • Closest must have a clear path to back wall

Rule #9 Stimulate more of the senses at the same time

  • The brain seems to rely partly on past experiences in deciding how to combine signals, so two people can perceive the same event differently
  • Our senses evolved to work together- vision influencing hearing, for example- which means that we learn best if we stimulate several senses at once.
  • Smells have an unusual power to bring back memories.
  • Those in multisensory environments always do better than those in unisensory environments. They have more recall with better resolution that lasts longer, evident even 20 years later.

Classroom Implications:

  • Whole brain teaching- adding motions to Tier 3 vocabulary or other concepts
  • Include more than one sense in your classroom instruction (smells, music, color, pictures, words, touch, etc)

Multisensory Ideas for SIght words

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