Fee of a Free Dream

By: Michael Atkiels

Free Dreams

Dreams are perfect images and sensations in the minds of those who dream. Dreams will drive a type obsession in your mind that can only waste more and more precious time of life. Time is the restriction to all types of dreams, but even though you may be able to turn a clock's time ahead or back this is not the case in life. Time dictates all meaning of life, but with fruitless dreams that might spark a sense of necessity that must be forgotten so time may be used to its maximum potential.

Time and Balance

Time is precious, but in life our dreams seem to force their way in front of the time available for more realistic accomplishments. In F. Scott Fitzgerald book, The Great Gatsby, many characters see themselves being swept back into a former lover or dream they once had of that lover only to waste time in life. James Gatsby is the former lover of Daisy who sees her as a serene goddess that has no flaws except her current relationship. With Gatsby dedicating most of his life after the army to regain his dream of a life with Daisy he loses numerous years to the notion that she may take him back after all these years of marriage. With time being the most limited resource a human may find Gatsby simply lets himself fall short on how he lived his life while pursuing his dream.

Money is power, but Time is all powerful

Money is a great staple of power and can drive dreams to become reality. Throughout the documentary Inside Job dreams of wealth are what drove several CEO's of major companies to find loopholes to quench their thirst for riches. Riches which eventually led them to drive their businesses and employees into the ground after a significant amount of time was wasted for greed. Workers of the company Goldman- Sachs were hit very hard when the Great Recession of 2008 started. Goldman-Sachs employees were met with swift lay offs after information of illegal loopholes the Goldman-Sachs firm used in their business interactions were leaked. These loops holes were used due to the dreams of money hungry CEO's enthralled their common sense. With so much time used to create these billion dollar companies it was all wasted in the end. The dreams of wealth made many businesses such as Goldman-Sachs squander all precious time used when creating a name and reputation for the business.
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Not enough time

Life is referred to as a precious time with no real limit but our personal boundaries. Life goes by no matter how bad anyone man, woman, and child tries to stop it or slow it down. Throughout literature many see life as an hourglass slow yet steadily pouring more and more sand away. With this sand referring directly to our time it is easy to see why many people believe pursuing a dream can make life more meaningful. The thing dream pursuers fail to realize is how quickly this time is wasting away. In Timothy 4-6 of the new holy bible he deciphered the idea that time is moving by so quickly that no one should just stay immobile as it goes. Time flows and the only real moments we can experience as a person are those we seek out in our lives with full faith in a plausible outcome. Without a plausible outcome there is no need to venture outside the realm of possibility because of the risk of lost time you take.