Webutuck High School

Tips For Students

Tips that every incoming highschool freshman should know

Ms. Robinson is the greatest tool you can utilize during high school. You have to be careful on social media, colleges will check that to see how you are outside of school. Be good in high school because what you do here follows you for the rest of your life.

Be safe on social media

Social media is something that will fallow you for the rest of your life. Be careful not to post any pictures of you doing anything illegal or unsafe. Colleges and jobs will check your social media to make sure that you will be a good fit for them.

Dress Code

The dress code is a key factor in the work place. Getting along with your coworkers is also a very important part in having a easy and successful job

How to apply

There are many useful sites were you can apply for college and get some good college information. College Board is a good site for finding colleges that fit what you are looking for. The common app is were you can apply for schools through one site, it is very helpful.

If you can be as cool as this seagull, you can do anything.