Fever Theme Songs

By: Paige Wagner and Kat Kondratyev

"Centuries" - Fall Out Boy

((*Focus on chorus*)) These lyrics represent Mattie's journey. All through this book we get to see how unique her story is. Her story, along with the fever, will be remembered forever. Not only did it greatly impact the people in Pennsylvania in 1793, but also greatly impacts our culture today.
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Lyrics)

"We Fall Together" - Austin Jones

These lyrics describe Nathaniel and Mattie's relationship. It is similar to skinny love, but the bond isn't as strong. After the fever is gone, they're closer and if the fever were to come again the lyrics would describe how they feel.
Austin Jones - We'll Fall Together (Official Lyric Video)

"Gotta Get Out" - 5 Seconds Of Summer

This song describes the part of the book where Mattie and Grandfather just git kicked out of the carriage and Mattie must take care of him. She feels as though her world is falling apart and she won't be able to pick up the pieces. Although she does feel this way, she doesn't give up on Grandfather.
5 Seconds Of Summer - Gotta Get Out

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Green Day

This entire song describes the wanting of the frost to come and end the fever. Mattie is really close to losing hope and she wants the fever to be over. Once frost comes, she feels a weight lifted off of her shoulders.
Green Day - Wake me up when September ends

"Cancer" - My Chemical Romance

This song describes how Matties mother felt once she had gotten the fever. She doesn't mean to push Mattie away, but she has to for her own safety. It shows how tired and weak the fever made her.
my chemical romance- cancer [lyrics]

"Where You Belong" by Kari Kimmel

This entire song shows the emotions of Mattie and her entire family once the are reunited. Although