Darwin's Postulates

By: Rodolfo Flores

The 4 Postulates

In this Smore post I will introduce Darwin's four postulates which are variation, inheritance, reproduction and survival. Charles Darwin believed that trait selection in breeding can occur naturally but in order for this to occur the four postulates had to be present.


There is variation within species, one species can have many variations. Same species have different phenotypes and traits that distinguish them. For example dogs have many variations but they still are from the same species. There are labradors and pugs that are very different because of the different phenotypes and traits but they are actually from the same species.
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Organisms inherit traits to their offspring. This postulate is about how offsprings inherited phenotypes and traits from their parents. Dominant phenotypes and alleles are passed on to the next generation of organisms. Also adaptive traits are passed on to offspring in order for them to survive in the environment. This will cause the offspring to have similar traits and genes from their parents.


According to this postulate there are more offsprings that are meant to survive. This postulate consists of reproduction and survival not being random. The offspring who survive are because they have traits that make them better suited for the environment. These offspring that survive will then go on to reproduce and pass their genes on.
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In this postulate we see how external conditions affect survival. In a batch of offspring there will be ones who are more fit to survive due to adaptive traits inherited from the parents. Natural selection will get the best of those who are not suited for the environment and those who are will get to grow and reproduce.
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