Freedom Colony Project

Jayden Braxton

Morocco, Africa

Morocco is a great place to stay because it is a very calm and collected place. It is in the part of Africa with a wide range of freedom for its citizens. It is very close to the ocean so it might enter counter some currents but other than that is a lovely place to live. A place not to live on the other hand is South, Africa. they suffer from awful economic poverty. They also suffered from lack of education, medical help, and other public limits.

Government Type/Leader

Morocco encourages its people to be involved with its certain choices such as presidents. They run on a democracy government. Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful leader because he listens to his citizens and encourages equality. Hitler on the other hand is not a leader we would want. He is very strict on whites only.

Freedom Document

The founding fathers of this civilization met together to discuss ways to keep the freedom and make it happen. In the document created, they put in that they would legalize voting for men and women 16 and up. They also had a list of things that were and were not allowed in their civilization. rules such as being able to bear arm, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of social media use (some what limited).

Purpose of Colony

The purpose for this colony is give people the freedom they deserve. We do have some limits but to a certain extent. We formed this colony for people to all e at peace with one another. Practice whatever religion they want, say what they want with no punishments, equally treated no matter what race or gender, etc.


1946: Citizens file to leave colony (South Africa)

1949: Starts to strike for freedom

1956:Declares war

1957: Wins War

1963: Is granted ability to form new colony

1997: Creates Freedom Document

2015: Outcome

You should live her because...

it is a very calm and collected place. It has freedom for its citizens like they deserve. Our government is understandable and is also very fair. Over all it is a very welcoming place for any type of person.