Thursday's Thoughts

November 16, 2017


Please remember to keep your door locked and shut at all times. Also, if you walk by the doors in the bus circle, and they are standing open, please shut them.

Thank you!

Passages for SCReady

One positive change that will occur this year for testing is that students will have paper copies of the passages to read and mark up during the test. The test itself will still be online, but they will have paper copies of the passages.


Micha'le Wilson, Rebecca's student teacher, will start as our ESOL teacher the Monday after Thanksgiving. She will spend that week working on the schedule, meeting the students, and talking with you about students. I know you will help me welcome her to our school family.

Breakfast and Attendance

We have been able to get students out of the cafeteria each day around 8:10. Please take attendance at 8:15 each day. Set the alarm on your phone or put a sticky note by your computer if you need a reminder. :-) Also, a hard copy of your roster will be placed in your box tomorrow. Please place this in your sub folder for your sub to take attendance. Place a note on this card so that your sub will know to mark the card and place it out on your clip. Many of our subs fail to take attendance, so we want to make sure we give them a way to do so.

Progress reports go home December 1st.

We are going to move our fire drill to a later date. There will be no fire drill tomorrow.


I am so sorry, but we are not going to be able to be able to be in the lunchroom tomorrow. We are taking our top box top winners to lunch at Pizza Pro. Please plan to stay with your students tomorrow. Thank you for understanding!

Foothills Presentation

Please follow the schedule that Jennifer sent out earlier for the Erin's Law presentation next Monday and Tuesday.


It is that time of the year when we have a ton of coats that students have lost. The lost and found coat rack will be pulled into the lobby next week. Please have your students check the rack for any belongings that may be theirs. Also, please make sure students are picking up their trash on the playgrounds if they are taking snacks outside. The playgrounds are filled with trash and coats at times. Let's keep our school litter and coat free! :-)

Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 20th: Foothills Presentation

Nov. 21st: Foothills Presentation and Look Good, Feel Good Tuesday.

Nov. 22-24: Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

Nov. 28th: Dale Gilbert to visit 2nd grade and Look Good, Feel Good Tuesday.

Nov. 30th: Class Pictures

Dec. 1st: Happy Friday and Yearbook Club Pictures

Dec. 4th: K4 teachers, reading coaches, and Jennifer Brown to meet at our school

Dec. 4th: Please plan to stop by the art room to decorate your mask for the masquerade ball!

Dec. 6th: Chorus to sing at local nursing home

Dec. 7th: Sandra Goff during planning

Happy Friday!