Hero Project!

By: Anna Culbertson

My Heroes Michelle and Charles Culbertson!

Heroes are something extraordinary. Heroes are smothering wonderful. Heroes are something amazing. Michelle and Charles Culbertson are my heroes. They are also my parents. They have been their for me through all of the hard times in my life, and all of the joyous times in my life. We have all shared countless memories, and growing up with no sisters and three brothers my parents and I have become really close. I couldn't survive without my parents, because they are truly the most wonderful people that I have ever met. They have wonderful and extraordinary talents, and incredible personalities. They sacrifice everything for me, and I appreciate them so much.

Who a hero really is!

Heroes, who are they? A masked figure in a cape, or a average ordinary citizen? The Merriam Webster Dictionary refers to a hero as “a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.” Project the concept of a young man sacrificing his money for someone who is less fortunate than him. People conform to the idea of a hero as somebody who fights crime, saves the day, and has the powers of a god-like figure. Heroes come everywhere. Hero-themed movies and items have sold over 1 billion dollars. People see a hero as a role model and as the star. However, heroes should not be assumed to be in a cape and flying across the world. A hero is somebody who is faced with a problem and who can overcome it.

A hero is a child who is faced with Down syndrome and overcoming adversity. Imagine a child at five months being diagnosed with Down syndrome and not having the average abilities of every one of their friends, like riding a bike, or walking. Being able to get up every morning and walk downstairs is just one of the obstacles that child has to face every single day. This child because of this condition has had to sacrifice many of the wonderful pleasures you get as a child. Everyone looks down on this kid however, they should be looking up to him. This kid is a role model for kids all over the world. He goes beyond the diagnosis, and he lives every single moment to the fullest. This child has dreams of running and playing and doing everything an average kid can do. This child will persevere through all of their challenges and become an extraordinary child. This goal will be difficult, but over time will provide this child with numerous experiences, and will show the perseverance a true hero has.

A hero is a child overcoming the obstacles of bullying. Imagine this child, crying in his room every single night afraid to go to school. Consider what happens to this child at school. The constant emotional and physical abuse. Traveling to school is the hardest part of his day. He considers it as his arrival to torture. This kid must learn how to make the best out of this situation. This kid finds the child that will soon become his best friend. This child soon looks forward to going to school every single day. He has dreams of playing quarterback for the football team, and now he feels that his dream could become a reality. He knows that if he works hard enough, he can accomplish his goals. He has no problem, because he is a confident child now, and feels, happy in the place that he is at.

Heroes are the citizens who are not afraid to help somebody out when needed, and put a smile on someone's face. I constantly see my parents who are exceptional heroes helping out me whenever I need it. My parents are willing to sacrifice anything for me. Heroes don't need to be superstars, or billionaires. They can be the average everyday ordinary citizen! That is what a hero is to me. Not a label, a figure or imagination, or science. It is not something that is to be won. A true genuine quality someone has for somebody else!

Heroes of the Year!

Charles and Michelle Culbertson receive the award for the most wonderful heroes on the face of the earth. They are my parents, and have been with me since day one. Their countless sacrifices for their children and their hard working attitudes. Everyday they put their children before themselves, always making sure that my brothers and I are happy in every single thing that we do. I am fortunate to have parents who care about me, and make sacrifices for me. I know lots of people don't have that in life and I feel fortunate that I was able to be given these wonderful parents in my life. I remember one time were my family was going out to dinner. We all started to get dressed up and then we left for the restaurant. However, on the way their I started to have feel sick. My parents had stopped what we were doing, and immediately drove us home. That is just one of the many stories that I remember with them. I can name countless stories, but that means you would be forever. My parents deserve this award for millions of reasons. I know that they have to go through countless struggles, and the way they have dealt with it and put us first is tremendous. Please welcome Michelle and Charles Culbertson!

Dream Job!

Interior Design has always been a big passion of mine. Constantly, I am always changing up my room. Using different colors, and different prints. I have loved doing this every since I was a little kid. Know, both of my parents are not in the interior design business, but they share some similarities with designers. They are both extremely creative, and unique. They are constantly thinking of fun ways to change up everything, and that is where I find inspiration for lots of my ideas.