Marketing Manager

By: Nicolas Fricia

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What is the purpose of a Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers plan programs to create interest in products and/or services. They work with art directors, sales agents, and financial staff members when doing their job.

Skills necessary to be a Marketing Manager

To be a Marketing Manager you need to have work experience. Most managers of this type were sales representatives, buying or purchasing agents, or public relations specialists before they were able to become Marketing Managers.
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The Degree you need

To be enabled to have this job you need a Bachelor's Degree.

Wages and Job Setting

The median annual wage for Marketing Managers was $124,850 in May 2015. Marketing Managers work in the management of companies and enterprises industry. The job is stressful when it comes to deadlines and they may travel and meet with clients or media representatives as well.
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Some of the personality qualities you need to have would be. Good Analytical thinking, great communicator, creativity, decision making skills, and organization. If you are good with all of these things then you won't have much of a hard time at all.

Additional Info

Marketing managers also estimate the demand for products and services that an organizations and its competitors offer. They look for potential markets for the organizations products. Marketing managers can develop pricing strategies to help organizations maximize profits and market share while ensuring that the organizations customers are satisfied.
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