Mrs. Nagel's 1st Grade Newsletter

Friday December 5th, 2014

December 8th-12th

It's been pretty chilly outside and I hope you all have been staying warm! Unfortunately it is that time of year where illnesses seem more prevalent in our homes. To help prevent the spread of germs, remember to wash your hands with soap and water frequently, in public places and at home. Help your children to learn this healthy habit too and encourage them to sing the ABC song or Happy Birthday as they wash. I have included a couple resources in this week's Friday Folder as helpful reminders too.

With the upcoming holiday time, many families are busy and have a variety of trips and activities planned. I appreciate you making school a priority during this busy time ahead!

This is a reminder that if your family is planning a vacation outside of our school calendar breaks, it needs to be reported to the attendance line in order to be excused. Vacations exceeding 3 days must be approved in advance. Please refer to the our school calendar with our breaks/days off and our MNVA attendance policies. Please call the MNVA attendance line to report absences.

If you are attending an MNVA event (Community Building Event), please send me a kmail with the date of the event you will be attending. You do not need to call the attendance line if you are attending an MNVA school-sponsored event, but I do need this information for my attendance records.

Remember to call the MNVA Attendance Line to report an absence if your student will not be completing lessons in OLS and missing school! (866)215-2295, option #3 Ext 2199

1st grade Class Connects this week!

Monday- Math or Science Class at 11am or 1pm (30 minutes)

Writing Class at 11am or 1pm (30 minutes)

Guided Reading Classes, your child's reading group time will depend on the reading level he/she is at. (30-40 minutes)

Thursday -
Sight Word Quick Checks, at 11am; only select students

Weekly Progress Goals

September Starts:
Progress by Friday December 12th = at or around 39% in each course
Friday December 19th is 42%

October Starts:

Progress by Friday December 12th = at or around 25% in each course
Friday December 19th is 28%

November Starts:
Progress by Friday December 12th = at or around 13% in each course
Friday December 19th is 16%

Remember, these are progress goals meant to guide you and your child to stay on track throughout the year.

In your Friday Folder this week...

Writing Rubric - Use this simple rubric to help see where your child is at with their writing! (This is what I use as well.)
Stay Healthy Posters
- helpful reminders to stay healthy! Share these with your family!

Mrs. Nagel's 1st grade December Classroom Calendar

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Math Resources

Sight Word Resources


Pencil Grip

Hand-eye coordination and finger/hand strength is not only crucial to your child's physical development but will also help with forming the correct pencil grip. Correct pencil grip is very important to help your child write correctly.

Here are some ideas to help strengthen fingers, hands are form correct finger gripping when writing:
1. Sorting small items such as buttons, bolts, nuts, different dried beans,
2. Sewing on burlap (or cardboard) with a dull pointed needle and yarn.
3. Tracing stencils of shapes or objects (use cookie cutter or thick puzzle
4. Teach the child "Finger Plays" (like Itsy Bitsy Spider)
5. Chalkboard activities
6. Cutting and pasting activities.
7. Lacing or sewing cards.
8. Pegboard designs
9. Stringing large bead, hollow macaroni, cereal, etc.
10. Puzzle blocks.
11. Dot to Dot activities.
12. Playing Barrel of Monkeys and Pick-up Sticks (commercial children's games)
13. Playing with clay
14. Hanging socks or small items with snap clothes pins
15. Placing items like cotton balls, beads or macaroni in egg cartons.

*Using fingers, especially the "pincher grasp", will strengthen hands!

MNVA Community Building Events

Click here to check the MNVA website and to register for events!

>>>MNVA Community Building Events<<<
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