eczema - Salt Therapy is a 100% Natural drug-free treatment for respiratory and skin allergies in a controlled air medium that simulates and mimics the micro-climate of a natural salt cave.

The therapy is performed in a small cave like room, called the Salt Room, which is covered with around 3-4 tons of sea salt on the walls, roof and floor. In other words, Salt Room is an artificial salt cave with all the goodness of natural salt minus the impurities that a natural cave could have!

3There are comfortable armchairs in the room for people to sit and relax and play area for children. Salt in the room is also negatively ionized, this increases the efficiency of healing. The presence of so much salt in one room ensures that the air in the room is hypo-allergenic, hypo-bacterial, air is very light and easy to breathe.

99.9% pure NaCl i.e. Sodium Chloride aerosol is dispersed into the salt room with the help of a machine called Halogenerator installed just outside the room. This machine grinds this high-grade pharma salt to a very small size (1-3 microns) that people sitting in the room inhale.1a
Since the salt particle is really small, it escapes the nasal passage and is immediately transported to every part of the respiratory tract; even the smallest bronchioles and alveoli of the lungs.

Salt is inherently anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic, so once in place, it starts reacting with the mucous present in the airways and lungs, dissolves and attracts the small, positively charged impurities, which are either coughed up by the patient, or, which leave the body during metabolic processes via the bloodstream.

Patients inhaling this salt have diminished symptoms of acute breathing and skin problems. ‘Salt Therapy’ is absolutely safe for all age groups, young infants, babies and pregnant women. It has NO SIDE EFFECTS.


Mucolytic effects: loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport
Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)
Reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity)
The vision of Salt Room Therapy India.