Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 16, No. 2 *** September 5, 2019

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Opening of School

One hundred and twenty-three young adults entered Joseph Case High School on August 27 as the Class of 2023 were greeted by the entire faculty and staff in the auditorium before going into their first high school advisories. This is the 11th consecutive year that students commenced their high school experience in small, purposeful learning communities.

The high school welcomed seven new teachers in August: Gregory Bagnall (English), Zachary Reis (History), Kerry McElroy (Technology), Christine Olivero (Technology), Evan Schofield (Science), Colin Tullson (Phys Ed). and Tiffany Mendez (Art). Katelyn Coulombe has transferred to the high school as a paraeducator with the ARCH program while David Farrell moved from the history department to teach Instructional Technology in the Wood Shop.

Keith Mello will continue through this year as the freshmen guidance counselor, with Cassie Reis and Anthony Palladino representing students in grades 10, 11 and 12.

The school year began with traditional class assemblies to review high school expectations and address new policies, yet week one was anything but commonplace. Relationships were prioritized over regulations. For the fifth consecutive year, teachers were instructed to get to know students and their passions while easing into instruction. Tuesday through Thursday were celebrated on social media via #1st3days. A school-wide pep rally welcomed all students to celebrate fall athletes and artists while informing students of when clubs and activities will begin for the year.

The high school continues to offer a variety of non-traditional programs for the success of its students:

  • Opportunities for 25 students each semester to take Virtual High School (VHS), an on-line program for students interested in courses and curricula areas not offered onsite at Joseph Case High School
  • Year #2 with a mid-year credit recovery program in January and February utilizing Edgenuity
  • Saturday School continues for both credit recovery for students and as an alternative to suspension
  • Year 11 of a four-year personalized Advisory Program
  • Chartwells Food Service continues its outstanding partnership with the high school. We will offer expanded breakfast through mid-morning for the fourth consecutive year.

We are grateful for the routine maintenance and physical plant upgrades that took place over the summer. Included in the high school improvements were:

  • overhaul and upgrade to three technology-dedicated classrooms
  • transforming an under-utilized space into a new art classroom
  • sound system upgrades in auditorium
  • replacement of the fence surrounding Cardinal Stadium
  • systematic replacement of carpeting at the high school
  • annual maintenance to the gymnasium

Ongoing thanks to Superintendent of Schools John Robidoux and the maintenance staff for prioritizing these projects during the summer months. Much appreciated!

In the final days of summer vacation, Andrew Crisafulli announced that he was leaving Case for Darthmouth as an Athletic Director for its Division 1 sports program. We are grateful for Mr. Crisafulli's passion in bringing Case sports to the next level as well as his presence at the state and national levels on committee work. Although he will be missed, we have begun the hiring process for his replacement.

Open House tonight

Our annual traditional Open House will be held this Thursday evening , September 5 at Joseph Case High School. We begin in the auditorium at 6 p.m. for opening remarks by Principal McCann (annually calling it the best 30 minutes of your week!!), followed by a modified Day 1 schedule where you can attend your child's classes and meet our awesome teachers.

You can copy your students' schedule from the Aspen X2 portal. Counselors will be in front of the guidance office at 5:45 p.m., to distribute schedules if necessary.

Open House is perhaps the most important evening of the year. It's not about textbooks, restrictions and rules.

It is an opportunity for you to meet teachers face-to-face, receive an understanding of the classes' academic adventures for the year, and begin to build relationships between these two important groups of stakeholders.

I'm hoping it's the best 150 minutes of your week.

Class Rings on sale

Balfour will be in the main lobby on Wednesday, September 11 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. to take ring orders. After our annual Sophomore Ring Assembly yesterday, formal orders can also be placed during all three lunches on September 12 and 13. Sales reps will be available to discuss options and payment plans. All rings will be made and delivered before the December break!

Class of 2020 Yearbook now on sale

Case families have been emailed information on ordering the 2020 Chief, Case High's Yearbook, at its lowest cost of the year through September 29.

Drop/Add ends

Please note that the close of school on Friday, September 13 concludes our drop/add period at Joseph Case High School. Level changes may be considered at the end of Term I in all classes, except Advanced Placement.

Student Information Forms

Updated student information forms must be returned to the main office as soon as possible. The forms were mailed to all Case families in August. Blank copies are also available in the main office. Updated Student Information Sheets enable the school to safely contact you in the event of an emergency, inclement weather, or when family contact is needed by a teacher.

Friends of the Cardinal Scholarship Information

The Friends of the Cardinals is the athletics booster club for Joseph Case High School. In

addition to supporting our student athletes and athletics teams, we also offer a one-time

scholarship in the amount of $500 to graduating seniors. In order to be eligible to receive The

Friends of the Cardinals Scholarship, student athletes must apply to become part of the

committee, and will be expected to participate in a minimum number of board meetings as well as fundraising events over the course of a two year term.

Students will apply in their junior year, and sit on the board for both their junior and senior years. Four students from the junior class will be chosen each year. During their time with us, these student athletes will act as a liaison between the board and the athletics teams at Case High School, providing input and ideas from their peers. They will also assist in coordinating volunteers for fundraising events as needed. Student athletes chosen to be part of The Friends of the Cardinals will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with MIAA standards as well as school conduct policies.

Upon graduation, these student athletes will be required to provide the Friends of the Cardinals with a college tuition bill, at which time they will receive their $500 scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded during the class night ceremonies.

Student athletes wishing to be considered for this opportunity must be a Joseph Case

High School junior having earned at least two units of participation in a sport and be in good

academic standing.

To apply, please provide the Friends of the Cardinals with a one-page, typed essay letting us know why you would like to be a member of The Friends of the Cardinals, and what would make you a good candidate. Please provide us any information including sports, activities and plans for college you think would be useful in helping us make our decision. In addition, please provide us with two written references, one of which should be from one of your coaches here at Case High School. All entries should be submitted to the guidance office by Friday September 27.

If you have any questions, please email The Friends of the Cardinals at .

Opioid Education

Massachusetts' 2016 legislation requires that parents, guardians, and other adults in a middle and high school extracurricular athlete’s life such as School Nurses, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Athletic Trainers, receive educational materials on the dangers of opioid use and misuse.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has developed educational materials on opioid misuse prevention and is partnering with schools across the state to share this information with students, parents and school personnel.

Click here to access the materials.

Because of the risk of injury and the subsequent need for pain management, student athletes may be at risk for opioid misuse.

Joseph Case High School supports the distribution of opioid education materials in coordination with our athletic and health-related staff in our school throughout all sports seasons.

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Summer Reading Interdisciplinary Day

One of the highlights of the beginning of the school year for me is the Friday in September that we celebrate our school-wide summer reading title by looking at it from multiple unique perspectives during all classes during the school day.

If your child hasn't read Mark Haddon's THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME yet, there's still time!!

This will be one of the topics that I will address with case families tonight before Open House.

I look forward to seeing many of your there!



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