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To a Tour of Bodiam Castle!


Any special guest who receives this flyer!


An amazing tour of Bodiam Castle to educate you on the history, structure, and architecture of this stunning fortress.


Bodiam Castle is located near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England.


Anytime after 1385, which was when it was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III.


To inform anyone who wants to spend the day admiring this magnificent fortress about the history and architecture. You will spend this extraordinary day not only marveling about the Bodiam's beauty, you will be learning about it, such as the different castle parts. You will be educated on gargoyles, columns, arches, towers, turrets, moats, curtain walls, gates, and so much more! Additionally, you will be surrounded in the history of the castle, like how it was used to defend the area against French invasion during the Hundred Year's War. If you love Bodiam Castle so much, you can also apply for a job!

Interested in a job? How to apply:

If you enjoyed your tour of Bodiam Castle and were intrigued by the various occupations, you can register to become an employee at Bodiam! Just contact one of our stewards to apply, and if you qualify, you will receive the special training required for your position! Choose from the wide selection of professions:

* chief porter * squire * wheelwright * blacksmith * guard * page * steward * soldier *
................................................* chamber maid * merchant * ..................................................

Special Offer!

Be our 500th visitor to go on the tour and you can be granted the opportunity to meet the Queen of England! You will win a trip to visit her and spend the day with her as she directs her ladies-in-waiting and trains young pages in good manners, being the chatelaine. Sign up for your tour now and hope to be the 500th guest!