2nd Grade Newsletter

August 10th, 2020

Your 2nd Grade Teachers

We hope you've enjoyed your summer and we're looking forward to partnering with you throughout the year. We can't wait to see you and get started with this school year!


Come to the Back to School Bash TODAY! (Friday 8/7/20)

OVCA is excited to meet families at the Back to School Bash. OVCA students who come to the Back to School Bash AND complete the Orientation to Online learning by August 11 5:00 pm will be eligible to win an OVCA Aloha to Learning T-Shirt. There will be ONE winner from EACH grade level.

It’s an exciting time to be an OVCA Bison!

Bison Bootcamp

Our first four days of school will be Bison Bootcamp! We use these days to get to know each other, learn about our virtual classroom (Newrow), do some fun activities, and answer any questions you have. Your class time will depend on if you opted for an AM or PM session and if you are a returning or new student.

Tip: Our Newrow platform works best in Google Chrome.

NWEA Screener

We will be taking the NWEA MAP Growth Screener August 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 31st. There is a math and reading portion to this test. This will give us vital data to determine how to best meet the needs of your student throughout the school year. We will practice signing in and talk about this the week of August 18th. If you haven't already done the practice that was sent out in Mrs. Claggett's Corner be sure to check it out!

Webcam Permission Form

If you want your student to be able to use their webcam when we are in the whole group setting, be sure to fill out the permission form that was sent in Mrs. Claggett's Corner on 8/3/2020.

On Track Calendar

Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 12th, 13th, 14th, & 17th: Bison Bootcamp (Everything you need to know about 2nd Grade! We'll help you get set up to have a successful year.)
  • August 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, & 24th: Students will have one short class a day (The class will be at will be at either 9am, 11am, or 1pm depending on the am/pm preference you gave your teacher.)
  • August 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, & 31st: NWEA Math and Reading Screener (Your testing time will be at the same time as the week before.)
  • September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 7th: Students will have one short class a day (Classes at 9am, 11am, or 1pm again.)
  • September 8th: Regular classes/schedules will begin

For a complete 2020-21 school calendar, please click on the PDF in the Important Websites section below.

What To Expect This Year


By the end of the school year, your child will need to correctly read 100-148 words per minute and have built up their reading stamina. They should be able to read and focus on a book without interruption for at least 30 minutes.

Your child should also be fluent with sight words. We use the Literacy First sight words. Your child should have Sight Word List A (100 words) mastered by the middle of 1st Grade and Sight Word List B (100 words) by the end of the 1st Grade. If they have not mastered these words already, start there! Sight Word List C (300 words) will need to be mastered by the end of 2nd Grade. Click here to access all the sight word lists.


In 2nd Grade we really work on our fluency and comprehension.

Reading at least 20 minutes per day is a great way to increase reading fluency. Your child can work on building up their stamina by starting with just 5 minutes. You can also change up your reading space to make it fun and new! Some ideas are: reading outside, build a fort-then read in it, reading during a picnic, or read a book in bed. This website has more creative reading challenge ideas: https://www.ateachableteacher.com/free-reading-challenge/

As they read, help them practice comprehension skills like identifying the main parts of the story including details about characters, setting, beginning/middle/end, etc. They can also read a book and describe the main idea and details about the people, places, and thing in it.


By the end of 2nd Grade your child should be able to write 5-7 simple sentences on one topic. They should be able to write 1 to 2 paragraphs in the same way. An example of this would be writing a story with details about characters in a beginning/middle/end format. We will be working towards being able to write in all 3 Modes: Narrative, Opinion, and Informational.


We will start with number sense and build upon that throughout the year. Fact fluency (up to 20) is a major part of 2nd Grade. We will also work on telling time, money, fractions, and arrays, just to name a few!

Social Studies & PE

Complete one lesson a week until each course is complete.

Be sure to track your active minutes to count for PE! You will get a survey to fill out periodically to get credit.

Science & History

In Science and History you will complete 2 lessons a week in the OLS.


Just a note, electives will not start in the OLS until September 1st.

Important Websites

Online Learning School

This will take you to the login so you can access your OLS.

IT Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.