Xenon element

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Who Discover Xenon ?

In 1898 , Xenon was discovered by Scottish Chemist William Ramsay and Morris Travers .Xenon . They found xenon in the residue left over from evaporating components of liquid air. Xenon is a word from greek xeno meaning stranger.

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William Ramsay and Morris Travers

Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers was an eminent British physical chemist who is credited with the discovery of argon, krypton, neon and xenon. He also demonstrated that these gases, along with helium and radon, makes the noble gases a family of new elements

How is Xenon produce And worth ?

Xenon is produced in liquid and air evaporating . When gases are boiled Xenon is left behind. Xenon is worth $120 per 100g

Element Information

Symbol : Xe

Atomic Number : 54

Atomic mass : 131.98

Period number 5

Group Name 18 / Noble gas

Why xenon is important ? Who are their related to ?

Xenon are used in medicine, light and in the human body . As it travels in our body xenon isotope gives off radiation .

Xenon is related to Helium , Neon , Argon , Krypton , Xenon and