Pumpkin Contest & Storybook Parade

Tuesday, October 31th!

Pumpkin Contest

  • Decorate a Pumpkin to Represent a Book Character
  • Bring your Pumpkin with a copy of the Book or Book Cover to the front hallway NO LATER THAN Monday, Oct 30th from 7:30 - 8:30 am!
  • Pumpkins will be judged Monday, October 30th at exactly 3:30 pm.
  • The winner will be announced on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st!

Be on time! Don't miss out!

Storybook Character Parade!

  • Come dressed as your Favorite Storybook Character
  • You must have the book (or a print of the book cover!)
  • The Parade Starts at 8:30.
  • Don't be too scary.
  • Parents will stand along the sidewalk across from the school to view the parade.
  • In case of rain, parents will be brought into the auditorium and the students will parade on stage.

Prizes for Best Costume & Pumpkin

  • Don't wait until Friday to find your book in our library: It will be gone!
  • No book cover copies will be made on Monday, October 30th.
  • Pumpkins will be judged on Monday, October 30th at 3:30 pm sharp!
  • All pumpkins must be picked up after school on Halloween or they will be gone!
  • Proudly display your pumpkin at your house on Halloween Night!