SSR Projects

By: Patricia Grimes

Summary of Flipped

Flipped is about these two kids that are about 12 years old. One of them is in love with her neighbor who just moved in. He on the other hand doesn't like her at all. So he tried everything to get her to not like him. A whole bunch of events lead up to him realizing that maybe she isn't so bad after all.



I would rate this book a four. I rate it a four because it was good but I think she could have put a lot more thought and detail into her characters.

Life and Death

Summary of Life and Death

Life and Death is about this boy named Beau who moves to Pheniox. On his first day of school he meets this girl named Edyth. He falls in love with her and finds out that she is a vampire. As the story goes on he realizes that he isn't the only one in danger of being killed. At the end of the story he has to make a choice. Should the killer tracker Joss kill him, or his mom.


I would rate this book a five because it was very well detailed and always kept you on the edge. I could clearly see the setting and characters also adding being able to follow along at all times.

Bites and Bones


Bites and Bones is a book with many different stories about vampires, werewolves, skeletons, and ghost. Each one takes place at a different time and place. They all were quite creepy.


I would rate this book a three. The editor made it seem that I would have chills down my spine every page I turned. However, it did no more than give me a little childish spook. The characters were not deeply detailed at all and I couldn't connect with any of it.



Breathless is about a teenage boy who is at the top of him diving team. He is the town hero and everybody loves him. But one summer will change his life forever. His femur breaks and while in the hospital finds out he has bone cancer. The only way they can get rid of it is if they cut of him leg. While on thing goes good, to more things go bad. He gets cancer in his lungs and can't take the pain any longer. He will need the help of his sister, best friend, and girl friend to end his suffering.


I would rate this book a five because it was a story that I could relate to and I was able to connect with it. The character were nicely detailed and were given their own background story. I literally couldn't put this book down. I am looking forward to reading more book of hers.

Write to Learn

After a long day of school, we all want to go home and watch a movie or play our favorite video game. However, the one thing that we don't do enough now is read. I bet ninety-five percent of students don't read when they get home. And to think they go to school for seven hours and learn about reading. They don't even use it outside of school most of the time. We need to find ways to encourage students to read after school is out. We need to figure out ways to excite students about reading.

One way we can do that is a summer reading challenge. If you challenge the students to read a small book a month, it will keep their reading skills sharp and vocabulary exquisite. Another is summer book clubs. If we make each month in the summer theme as a specific book and have students read it, it will keep them reading and having fun. They could also figure out what kind of books they enjoy most. They won't be wasting their time watching stupid shows that are uneducational or play video games that are violent and horrific.

Fluency is one thing that students really struggle with, and this would also help that. You could have students challenge each other to try to see who can read a page the smoothest. That would help with their fluency. This will help keep them ready for school and keep those reading scores up. Then, we can spend less time reviewing and more time learning the new and exciting things.

We also need to teach them about were the books for their levels are. If we put up a system in our library, to show where the kindergarten books are and where the high school books are, that would make things easy for the younger students and the new students too. So if we put up signs in the library, saying high school or middle school, so they know where to find the right ones for them. They should also talk to the librarian before they try to find a book. That would give them an opinion to think about if they don't know their level of reading. If we make signs that are bright colors and hanging above the book cases.

All the teachers work really hard to teach us about reading and how to get better. It would be tragic if they work so hard to teach us this and then we forget about it. These activities would be better than going home and watching TV shows. If we use this, these after summer activities will also help with students reading skills like visualization, question making, and schemas (connections.) If we had activities during the summer for reading, students will always be reading during and after school hours.

Thank you for reading my letter and considering my ideas. I hope to see these changes in the future.

Reading Reflection

I still don't have a specific type of book genre that I like. But I think it would fall under realistic fiction. Most of my books could have happen, but there might have been a little bit of fiction in it.

My sentence fluency has improved a bit and I understand what I read as well. My active reading strategy has improved as well. I am able to make more questions and connections while I read.