Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 4,2017

What is going on?

Writing: We will be writing personal narratives or realistic fiction with a defined theme.

Spelling Words and Grammar: We will be studying the use of abbreviations.

We are done with all our sight word for the year.

Reading: We will be starting our drama unit. This class will do very well! We have some actors and actresses for sure!

I will be working on reading assessments.

Math: This week we will introduce the concept of multiplication by discussing the connection of repeated addition. Students will model, create, and describe multiplication situations in which equivalent sets of concrete objects are joined. We will end the week with a creative activity where students will create a set of buildings/windows using arrays!

Science: Students will compare and give examples of the ways living organisms depend on each other and on their environment such as food chains within a garden, park, beach, lake and wooded area. This involves learning about different types of food chains and the players in them: producer, consumer, and decomposer. We will end the week by creating a food web in the classroom.

This and That...

Volunteer lunch on 5/24 - We are so lucky at Patsy Sommer to have fabulous educators who give tirelessly to provide wonderful learning opportunities for our stallions; wonderful staff who support our students & learning community; awesome students who are talented learners & leaders; and an amazing group of parents and volunteers who give of their time, talent, and treasure to support our school community! We recognize that without this partnership, we would not be Patsy Sommer Elementary! We would like to show our appreciation for everyone who has volunteered for our school in any way large or small. Please save the date to join us for lunch on May 24. Invitations & information will be sent next week.)


May 5 4-7 RRISD STEMFest in Downtown Round Rock

May 6 Be sure to vote!

STAAR Testing-School closed to all visitors

May 8 3rd/4th Grade Math

May 9 3rd/4th Grade Reading

May 10 5th Grade Science

May 10 National School Nurse Day: We love Mrs. Bullock!

May 18 McNeil Senior Walk at Patsy Sommer

May 18/19 6:30 Lion King Evening Performances....Be sure to join us!

May 24 Volunteer Luncheon

May 29 Memorial Day Holiday

May 30 8:15 5th Grade Flugtag

May 30/31 Awards Assemblies

May 30-June 1 End of Year Parties

June 1 8:30 5th Grade Celebration

June 1 Last Day of School