Alzheimers Attack on Memory

Thea Woodward

Why I chose this?

Alzheimers effects over 5 million in America. This disease commonly plagues 60 year olds, but recently has been effecting those young in their late 40s! I'm interested in this project as many of my family members have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so following the law of genetics I will have Alzheimer's; I would like to be informed of the disease that will effect my late adult-hood life. I can also share this information with younger cousins, or be able to contribute to conversations related to Alzheimers.


Alzheimers is a disease of the brain that destroys memory and thinking skills.

The Brain

Alzheimers causes the brain to be destroyed. Scientists are still researching which areas it specifically targets, and how it works; damage initially takes place in the hippocampus. Eventually, more neurons die and cause the brain to shrink. Early-on set Alzheimers is caused by a genetic mutation; while later-on set Alzheimers is caused by a deformity of the brain.

Research & Psychologist

  • German Doctor Alois Alzheimers first discovered the brain disorder - Alzheimers
  • Emil Kraepelin named the disease
  • Robert Katzman identifies Alzheimer's disease as the most common cause of dementia

Interesting Stuff

  • One of nine American's age 65 or older are diagnosed with alzheimers
  • Every 68 seconds someone is diagnosed with alzheimers
  • In 2013, the cost of Alzheimer's disease care was over $200 billion
  • In 2015, the cost will be $300 billion
  • 60% of caretakers believe taking care of a loved one as very stressful