Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

Weekly Bulletin September 28-October 2

Historical Event

What an amazing week filled with great energy and witness to an incredible historical event with our Holy Father! Thank you to our morning announcement team who led the school through prayer to connect us to our Holy Father and his pilgrimage to the United States which helped connect us to our calling to love one another the way Jesus did, regardless of societal status. Many of our classes were able to witness the Pope's address at the Joint Meeting of Congress on Thursday.

A few of our SMG families traveled to see Pope Francis and we are looking forward to their safe return and report of their experiences.

Campus News about our Young Disciples

First through third grades are finishing up their fluency and comprehension assessments using the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI), which will help students, parents, and teachers track reading progress. More information will be shared at upcoming conferences!

Second graders have been hard at work with the TPRI assessment and daily reading to help them prepare for the ongoing assessments to determine our North Texas Annual Reading Bee candidate who will represent Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School held at TCU in November. The students have been reading with inflection and doing a great job! I'll keep our community posted on the progress. A second grade level email will be coming this week to explain this process in more detail.

Kindergarteners are hard at work and will also be taking part in beginning of year assessments to help track growth throughout the school year. Our kindergarten students have met with their fifth grade buddies and are looking forward to their next meeting!

Our youngest Trojans have settled in beautifully! The preschool single file line down the hallway with big toothy smiles serves as a model example of transitions throughout the school. Our young disciples are so charged for Jesus and are serving as strong witnesses to the Catholic faith. What an amazing start to their faith journey!

Fourth graders completed research on small Texas towns and shared powerpoint presentations portraying facts about the towns to their peers. They are planning on displaying a map with QR codes to have digital access for each town. Fourth grade is also transferring Science concepts into real life experiences. They will continue their studies with investigating plant parts, growing new ivy, and potato plants in the classroom, and learning about mold in the process. Project based learning and peer sharing is alive in the classrooms!