The Massachusetts Bay Bulletin


She is in God's Hand

In the present year of 1638, Anne Hutchinson has been trialed for acts of heresy. Hutchinson has proclaimed that the saintly elect, or those saved, do not need to obey God's law. She has recently faced trial in court this year, and has defended herself to the best of her abilities. However, Anne Hutchinson's claim that her beliefs have come from a direct revelation of the Holy Father has led the magistrates to their decision on the trial of Anne Hutchinson. Due to the accounts of heresy and even higher heresy of proclaiming to know the will of God directly has led the final ruling of Anne Hutchinson as guilty. The Magistrates have decided as punishment for the high heresy that Hutchinson and her family are banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony. The fate of Anne and her family now only lies within the hands of God.

The Pequot War Over

From 1636 to the present year there has been a great conflict between the native tribe of Pequot Indians and our fellow colonists. This year has suffered less than the previous years of war, and finally a treaty has been made. With the majority of the Pequot gone, and Pequot captives being held by Mohegan and Narragansett tribes, the colonists have signed a treaty with the two native tribes. The English now on the Connecticut River are to handle the native disputes which occur and the Mohegan and Narragansett will be assigned in remaining Pequot captives. The conflict over land has finally been laid to rest, and the war is finally over. The colony may now progress further in expanding the Puritan community.
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William's Church in the "Sewers"

Two years prior to now in 1636, a radical by the name of Roger Williams fled the Bay Colony authorities and has been living in an area known as Providence. Williams has been known as an extreme Separatist and has attempted to persuade his fellow clergymen to separate from the Church of England. He has challenged the Bay Colony charter in the unfair compensation to the Indians for their land. He also criticizes the government's regulation of religious behavior and their toleration of other religions. These dangerous opinions to the Puritan community has deemed Williams to be exiled to England had he not fled to Providence. Recently however in this year, Roger Williams has established his first church, a Baptist church which is most likely the first ever within the colonies.