Olivia Wilde


Early Life

Olivia Wilde was born on March 10, 1984 in New York City. She moved to Los Angeles, California, at age 18. She was an actress and an activist. Her parents, Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, were international Journalists. Wilde was raised in Washington, D.C., Wilde's summer was spent in Ireland with her grandparents who were also Journalists. She was fond of the performing arts and attended summer courses at the Gaiety School of acting while in Ireland.


Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2011, where Olivia Wilde had visited with her parents as a child. Olivia became passionate about rebuilding the country and joined the nonprofit organize artists for peace and justice, which helps to provide health care and education to the people of Haiti. A school was built by Haitians in just two months, a secondary school.

Why is she interested in this part of Environment ?

Olivia Wilde was interested in helping the poor in Haiti. She wanted to provided education and health, she was a supporter of the youth organization. She wanted to inspire a new generation to fight for the poor. Olivia was hoping to interest young activists to change the world for others to see how unfair we are, knowing that she is helping the world around us makes her feel great or feeling accomplished about what she's done.