Samurai and Bushido

Introduction: Samurai and Bushido

A samurai is someone who serves. These warriors fought horseback clad in helmet and armor. Samurai's were supposed to live by a strict warrior code, known as Bushido. Bushido is the way of the warrior. Bushido is the strict code that the Samurai's are meant to follow.


It would affect culture because prior to samurai's and Bushido, there wasn't military or anything close to it. Now they also had a strict code they needed to follow.

Diary Entry

I became a Samurai, because I wanted to be able to say I'm part of the thing that's going to completely change the culture of Japan. This is also going to teach me discipline and other things, because we follow a strict code called Bushido. I have many duties. I have to protect the security and property of my employers, I also have to fight on horseback using my sword and shield.