B2C Marketing News #2


Sit back, relax, and take a 5-minute break between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations to read our last B2C Marketing news from 2013.

Member Acquisition & Activation

Viadeo Mag’ evolution

Viadeo Mag continues to garner positive feedback (« Je suis définitivement fan de ce Viadeo Mag, pour être honnête c'est la seule newsletter maison que je prends vraiment le temps de lire du début jusqu’à la fin ! », Nicolas L.).

Numbers 3 and 4, respectively dedicated to Premium and to E-Reputation, both performed well (up to 24% UOP and 3.5% CTR). The real hits are the new Profil du mois and ‘Les petites annonces’ sections, where Premium members can highlight their goals and projects.

Top Jobs

A new email ‘Top Jobs’ was launched at the end of December and will be sent once a month to all Viadeo members. In order to encourage members to visit the Jobs & Training page, the email offers a selection of the top 3 job offers in the member’s region or on Viadeo overall.

Along with the IRIS team, we’re looking forward to the first results!


Groupon campaign

For the first time ever, a Premium promo campaign (3-month and 12-month plans) was launched on Groupon at the end of November. It performed well, with 934 new Premium members acquired (70% of which were never Premium before).

The Groupon campaign turned out to be an efficient way to convert current non-Premium members into Premium members (75% of them have been on Viadeo for over 1 year). This group shows a high level of activity on Viadeo overall but with highly infrequent visits the price page, and has proven difficult to be converted otherwise.

‘62 hours’ Premium promotional campaign

A new Premium campaign ‘1 mois offert pour 3 mois achetés’ was launched in December to promote and increase conversion.

Thanks to its short coupon validity period (62 hours) and new animated design, the campaign managed to rake in great results.

Bravo to the team!


Metronews Partnership

The Viadeo and Metronews partnership, launched in September 2013, allows Viadeo to publish several 1/4 pages or 1/2 page ads and a Viadeo banner (every Monday) in the paper’s job section.

Viadeo takes center stage in the 16 December issue, including references to Viadeo in the article ‘En 2014, je change de boss’, an ad banner with QR code in the job section, and a 1/4 page ad promoting Espace Carrière on Viadeo mobile.

Educational Partnerships - Viadeo Campus

Viadeo Campus, which offers its members deals on Premium, interaction with universities and business schools, and educational tools, will be celebrating soon its 30th partnership! Some of the new members include HEC, ESSEC, and Université Lyon 1.

Well done!

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The B2C Marketing team