Barack Obama


Top 10 things Obama accomplished

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1.) Passed Health Care Reform

2.) Passed the Stimulus

3.) Passed Wall Street Reform

4.) Ended the war in Iraq

5.) Began Drawn-down of War in Afghanistan

6.) Eliminated Osama bin Laden

7.) Turned around U.S Auto Industry

8.) Recapitalized Banks .

9.) Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:

10.) Toppled Moammar Gaddafi

Campaign Stops

1.) Are you still relivent?

2.) You said your policies were on ballot, so now will you change your agenda?

3.) Who's more to blame? You or candidates?

4.)Why want you lead?

5.) At the event the person that would be speaking is none other than Barack Obama

Stump Speech

My main goal as a candidate is to to help the US with anything that they feel as if they need. I want to be a good help to every community in the US, i want to change peoples life. I would also like to change somethings that are going on now. I will try my best in all ways to do anything i can and be the best president that i can be. The people that i have met in small towns and big cities across the country understand that government can't solve all our problems - and we don't expect it to. We believe in hard work. We believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance.


1.) What does Obama plan on doing with everything that has been going on lately?

2.) What are you doing with the economy?

3.) How are you going to help the US get better

4.) What are your plans these next 2 years?

5.) How do you feel about the shootings that has been going on?