All Things Bally

Published: August 18, 2019

Principals Message

Here's a quick overview of the items we covered in the first three days last week:

  • Review of the District Code of Conduct
  • Introduction to E-hallpass
  • Review of our school Non-Negotiables, Vision, Core Values, and Goals
  • Review of the Ballyshannon Family Handbook
  • Review of the Attendance Policy
  • Discussion of Skill vs. Will in terms of achieving mastery and the introduction of Academic Lunch and refinement of Recovery
  • Instruction on using school e-mail
  • Assignment of lockers and chromebooks
  • Chromebook care
  • Completed fall earthquake, lockdown, severe weather drills. Completed August fire drill.

This week we'll start digging into our content. We will also be talking with the kids about:

  • The use of Tutorial class
  • Setting up their 19.20 Google Sites
  • Goal setting using Covey's 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Mentor groups
  • How to use preassessment data to determine their level of mastery of standards on a proficiency scale
  • How to read a proficiency scale

The kids will also be taking their first Star Reading and Star Math test this week. We won't take another until May. They will have 3 CASE assessments this year (these are new to the district) that will measure mastery of the standards taught up until October, January, and then a cumulative assessment in April.

Erika Bowles

James Demetrakis

SEL for August

Our Focus areas for August & beginning of September:

  • Mindsets and Goals: Students learn about ways to grow their brains and get smarter, along with research-based strategies for achieving goals and handling difficult situations.
  • Building relationships within our SEL groups
  • Launching Community Circles

Come cheer on the Shammies at Volleyball Games!

Big picture

Fall Yearbook Photos will be August 28th.

Afternoon Parent Pickup

We have many, MANY more parent pickups this year. For this reason we're attempting to release you in waves so we are not each waiting for a 1:1 pickup at the flagpole. Please help us by doing this:

1. The first 35 or so cars can line the sidewalk all the way up to the stop sign. When the kids dismiss, they should fill the cars. When we're loaded, we'll release the loaded cars.

2. We'll then pull the first unloaded car all the way back up to the stop sign. Everyone pull forward. When we have 35 unloaded cars along the curb, we'll load the kids in and repeat until we clear the car riders.

Currently it looks like we have 3 rounds to dismiss. Thanks for your patience as we problem solve the best way to get you off campus quickly.

We Are Bally Night

This event, after careful consideration, will now occur in September. We wanted a "back to school" event, but we also want to make sure it's super informative. Our Leadership courses will be taking on the planning of this event to make sure we have a solid extracurricular fair and it's designed in a way that's best for students and families.

We Are Bally Night on August 23rd or 30th (depending on how caught up you are) is cancelled and rescheduled to September TBD (when the kids tell me it will be.

Apologies for any confusion we have caused.

Parent Nights

We are planning several parent events for the year. Stay tuned for more info about the following:

  • Standards Based Grading Info Night
  • Online Programs--Help Me! Night
  • Parent Book Study--book TBD
  • What's it like to be 11-14 years old in 2020?

School Hours

Doors open: 7:00am (students report to gym or cafe)

Breakfast: 7:00-7:30am

Tardy Bell: 7:35am (students must be in their 1st period classroom)

Buses, Walkers, Bike Riders dismiss: 2:35pm

Car Riders dismiss: 2:40pm