Technology is taking over everything- Even our Brains

The mysterious Sam Wilson...Who is he?

Sam Wilson. Expert Anti-terrorism computer hacker.
How does he do it? That's the question that the world is asking.
And he's still a kid!
Our news sources say that this person named Sam Wilson recently was caught hacking into the government computer security systems, prompting authorities to detain him in a Federal Prison even at his young age. But we have found out that after Sam Wilson attempted to escape, he was later transferred to the most secure command center in the world to actually work for the government. He is a genius and was able to hack into the enemies systems and save us from their terrorism. But more than that, he was able to hack into an even worse enemy that almost took over all of us.

Neuro Headsets- The Newest Craze

Over the past few months, the new fad, Neuro Headsets, have been selling faster than cell phones. Practically everyone with a computer now has a Neuro headset. They can connect you to the internet through the neurotransmitters that read the impulses in your head. And while that seems like a good thing and a really good selling point, it has been reported that these things have taken over people's thoughts, actions and memories, literally taken over their brains. They have been BRAIN JACKED!

The Neuro Attack

In the strangest turn of events, our news reporters have confirmed that there was, in fact, an attack of unknown numbers of peoples brains through the neuro headsets, a neuro virus. It was reported that Sam Wilson, the kid genius, discovered the glitch in them when he was suddenly accused of being the bad guy in this case. The neurotransmitters started changing thoughts and peoples reality and they thought Sam was doing it. Suddenly, a huge race for Sam to get himself and fellow workers Dodge and Vienna to safety and figure out a solution to the craziness was all that mattered. Sam had an anti virus but it was counterattacked. In a selfless act, Sam was able to become a part of the neuro world itself, and was able to command that neuro world back into reality at the risk of his own death.
Thankfully, he was able to survive and is truly a hero.


Dear Carolyn,
I need your advise. I just went through a very tramatic experience with my coworker and friend. He seems to care about me but I'm not sure. Should I tell him how I feel?
Signed: Confused Vienna

Dear Confused Vienna,
Perhaps your friend is waiting on you to make the move. Maybe he knows. Does he have one of those neuro headsets? If so, it's your turn. And our best advise to everyone is
Be Good, Be nice, Be honest, Live your life as if it matters how you live it. Because it does.
Best Wishes,