Phone Parachute

Maier inc.

Ian Maier period 1.

About The Product.

If you drop your phone a lot this product is for you. The phone parachute is a stick-on sticker that protects your phone from drops. each parachute sticker has up to 3 falls in it. replacement parachutes are a cheep way to protect your phone.

if you drop your phone a lot get phone parachute

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Who Runs The Company?

Me and Eli Whitney are the main creators of Phone Parachute, me and him always break our phones so we wanted to make a product that protects our phones.

How Large Is The Company?

Its very large, we have factories all over the north west and north east.

When Was The Company Put Together?

It was all put together 1793 next to the cotton gin. In the Industrial revolution there was a lot of inventions thought of but people thought that this was the best.

Fun Fact

Samuel F. B. Morse loved the phone parachute so much he set up a program that for every person that sent a telegraph they would have to donate 1c.
Me and Eli didn't like child labor so we used adults that worked 5 hours on making prototypes.

Where can you buy one?

your local Target or
phone parachute