A Good Character:

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash: An Inspiration and Leader

I selected this individual because Johnny Cash is one of the best musicians in all time and is extremely influential. He has been known to make popular songs such as "Ring of Fire" and others. This individual has accomplished many things such as publishing songs and a book called "Man In Black." Johnny Cash's character is full of pride and integrity. The universal values of him are he has a great singing voice and he does it in his own original style. He also is a great mentor and he's a good mentor for young adults because he can make them inspired to pursuit their own dreams, with hope of never giving up. They also can get better even if they screw up the first time. He has a great personal standard as well with his song writing and morals, also religion. Johnny Cash also doesn't cause peer pressure as he does thing on his own and instead can motivate people to do what they want. He was very good with being proactive in songwriting. Johnny Cash is an influence on citizenship with people because he was one of the most morally and ethically good with them. His ethics were also well renown as showed in most of his songs. As he has passed away over a decade ago, he was shown to influence music as a whole and gave most of his life to be inspiring and honest.
Johnny Cash and June Carter - "Jackson"
The above video is Johnny Cash and his wife June playing on "The Johnny Cash Show."
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Another picture of Johnny Cash