the jose xecutive party

you want freedom and rights you came to the right place.

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bill murry for president

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vote for me while im still young.

party platforms

labor-workers must at least make an income $15 dollars.

land use-people should there land in a safe way and should not do something to pollute the planet.

parental rights -parents can raise their child the way they want to raise them.And raise them with any religious belief.

energy and resources- the government should be saving and conserving energy.

national defense -the military can defend our country but they can't betray Allie countries or abandon our allies in need.

immigration-people should have the right to live permanently where they want to.

terrorism-we need to be more careful about who we let in our country

homeless-we need to get people out of the street and more centers for homeless.

fire arm-people should be able to have weapons to defend them self's but only at their home.