The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Chris Najera


The theme to this book is about working together and practice at being perfect and also never quiting even when you think you cant do it.

Cruz De La Cruz characteristics

Cruz is very curious and likes chalenges, is a very good baseball player is a good hitter and pitcher. He reminds me of Isaiah because they both are very good hitters and good at pitching.

How Tom Changed

Tom hasn't the best baseball  player before Cruz came and when Del Gato came. But when they did come Tom has gotten better at hitting and pitching, by Cruz' game and somehow running down the hill.

summary Climax

One of the most exciting part of the story is when Del Gato came to the camp and started to coach the  team and how he changed the team so much. My other exciting part is when they start the game and how the game ended with Doc dying was not expected but it wasn't as exciting.

Hero of the story

Ithink Cruz is the hero of the story because if he hadn't showed up then Tom would've quit and they wouln't have had a team but even if they did have  a team they would've lost the game and Doc woud have lost his land.