Relationship Evaluation Project

By: Autisn Fultz

Great Listener

A great listener in my life is my cousin David. He always listens and replies with what he thinks and then goes on from there. He always corrects you when you do something stupid (me) and then he will go do something else randomly. He always listens to how our sports events are going and how he likes to listen to his rap music and tell us what the whole song means. Pretty boring.
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Positive Decision Maker

One who really makes good decisions and respects people I respect is my dad. He really tells you to make good decisions and not the bad ones such as if i was throwing a tennis ball on a wall before a game scheduled the next day, he would tell me to stop because it would not help. Or if I was going to do something and he would stop me before I do it.
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Great Communicator

A great communicator in my life is probably my grandpa. He always lets me know what I have to do to be better especially in sports and he likes to tell me what I do wrong to let me know what I need to do better.
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Individual That Embodies The Characteristics Of A Great Leader

One individual would have to be my friend Matthew Hartness. He always knows who to pick when we play wiffle ball (me) and he knows how to make up rules for other things we do. He does those things in a smart way.
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3 Character Traits I Most Admire Or Respect From Others

The first one I most admire is their kindness. I value this because if you're not kind to others then how can you have friends to go to. That leads me to my second one. How well of a friend they are. I admire this also because when you are down, will they be a great friend and come talk to you or will they ignore it. And this will lead me to my third one. How well they can start a conversation with you. I value this because if you can't create a conversation with someone then what will you do? Just sit there and stare at each other. So you need to talk.
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