Gold Fields

Information About life on the gold field.


There are two types of gold mining alluvial and shaft mining. With alluvial gold mining need a gold pan or cradle , pick , shovel and bucket.On the surface in creeks , rivers and any other watery place. To gold pan you need to scoop the river bed into the pan or cradle. Than shake out all of the large rocks with water so the gold go to the bottom & repeat the process until you find the gold. To go shaft mining you need pick , bucket , cradle and windless.Pick at the stone until you find gold.

But be-careful your permit might run out (Permit Only Lasts For A Year)

Tools Used

As I listed above the tools used are shovels, picks, gold pan, cradle, windlass & a bucket.

Chinese On The Gold Fields

It is said to believed that around 7000 Chinese people came to Australia to mine gold. They came to Australia because if they mined gold in China they would have to give a percentage to the Emperor of china & if they mined it in Australia they were allowed to keep all of it to them selves.

Women On The Goldfields

Depending on the day, the routine would then be to do the weekly wash, the ironing, grinding of grain, working in the garden and so on till dark. In-between preparing the dinner, the women would do mending and many other things.

Life On The Goldfields

Women made up only a small part of the population of the goldfields.It is estimated that during the goldrush women made up less than 20% of the population. They mainly stayed at home with the children. With the occurance of disease in the gold towns, it was an extremely unhealthy place for children, and children living in the gold fields had a very high rate of getting adiseases that we, fortunately, now only read about in books.


Q1)Name three of the tools to go gold mining.

Q2)Name three of the tools to go gold panning.

Q3)How long does the permits lasts.


A1) Windlass ,Pick , Shovel, Bucket, Cradle or Pan.

A2) Shovel, Bucket, Pan or Cradle.

A3) One Year.