Alison Lester

Writing children's books since 1985

Harry Evans's Alison Lester Table

Alison Lester is an author born in Victoria 1952. Like my dad she grew up on a farm. (I am not a stalker, it's on her website) Whenever she can she rides her horse Woollyfoot and she still lives in Victoria. She spends part of every year travelling to schools and using her books to help children and adults draw about their life. When her first baby Will was born she called a university and asked for a job. Three women interviewed her and she started illustrating their books. After 5 years she was getting picky with the text and wrote her own book... Clive eats alligators. In 1997 she made her first children's novel "The Quicksand Pony" and in 1999 "The Snow Pony" followed. She still writes picture books, but as Will gets older she's more interested in novels.