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congrats to you bro on your basic training:).we miss you bro.make sure you come home safe.can you get me a hat?:)well everything is good at the house we did alot of chores.one more thing try to send a pictrue of you over their.we want to see how you doing.well gtg bye.be safe out their come homme safe shoot bro!-(aaron)

Hellooooooooo brother.

A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU, BIG BROTHER! We are all so proud of you and wish we could be there for you, but momma is there for all of us. You really turned your life around and it's all because you worked hard for it, so you definitely deserve it! No one is more inspirational than you in my book. I love you and we wish we could see you, hopefully soon. Hope you enjoy all the time you get with the family, I'm pretty sure a lot others are jealous that the don't get to see or spend time with you on this important milestone in your life. Continue to do what you do and you'll always get the best in return. I love you and come back already! - Krissy

Hey Ceej, Congrats!

Sorry we couldn't be there to see you on your big day, but know that we're cheering for you here back at home. We miss you so much ugly! A lot of breaks so no school for a while! Yay xD I know my childhood days are over because they made me in charge of passing out the candy on Halloween. *Sigh* Well anyways, we're sending mom over to you... did you think you can escape from her forever? Haha, just kidding. Continue to make the family proud and I'll talk to you soon Big Bro. Congrats again! -jonesha

Heyyy Cj!

hey, i miss you so much. So like I've heard that you're graduating from your basic trainings, congrats ! You've made us all proud, keep up the good work older brother. May God bless you along the way. I love you, you loser. -reeannalynn

It your favorite brother (Fred)

Hey Cj,I miss you dude. I heard that you graduating from basic training,good for you.

Ooh, I'm not acting like a monkey anymore. So thanks you for all the advise, when you where here on Guam.


Frederick Fernandez

suppp big bro!

heyy bro, miss you like crazy over here.. every time your friends see me they say heyy lil cj xD well congratulations on your graduation from basic training!! well be safe out there and remember to always pray! aye buy me some clothes ! thanks well I love and miss you so much bro, we are definitely gonna hangout when you get back! okay? ok well bye :)

-Nick (your babe)

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