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April 2016 Newsletter

Well Being Concepts

Being gainfully employed positively correlates with one's overall well-being, whether the work is honestly enjoyable or the individual's perspective about the labor they do is satisfying due to the paycheck.

A Day in the Life of a High School Counselor

This article would be helpful for any school counselor or career adviser to change the usual in class career assessments with a student "career narrative" activity.

Budget Calculator- Great for School Counselors and Career Advisers for Individual and Group Work

Have you given your students a financial reality check? Ohio Means Jobs's Budget Calculator is a great class activity that is both interesting to students and a great life lesson. Students will start thinking about what type of career they'd like to have so that they can financially support there intended/desired lifestyle. Although having the students log in will save the information in their "Backpacks", it is not mandatory for this OMJ activity.

Social Media for the Job Search Process

The below articles would be really helpful to go over with high school students looking for both summer work or a job upon graduation. These days, students have so many technical tools at their finger tips that they need to know how to appropriately use them for networking purposes.


A Career Lesson/Activity For Your Students

Is it Fact or Is it Fiction?

Key Topics

Career Information





For this activity, students research careers while also learning how to evaluate sources for reliability.

· Distribute the accompanying worksheet “Is it Fact or is it Fiction?” to each student.

· Give students two reliable sources to investigate a chosen career. These are the Occupational Outlook Handbook (www.bls.gov) and OhioMeansJobs K-12.

· Have students investigate the same careers and use two other online sources.

· Direct students to compare information from the original sources and determine the reliability of the additional sources (Fact or Fiction).

· Discuss with the class the impact of valid and invalid information obtained from websites.


Materials needed:

· Worksheet "Is it Fact or is it Fiction?" (one for each student)

· OhioMeansJobs K-12

· Occupational Outlook Handbook (online version)

Time needed:

· One 45-minute class period


Discussion questions to consider asking students include:

· How reliable were the websites? Which ones, in your opinion, are more reliable? Why?

· What are some ways you can check a website's reliability?

· What are the dangers of using information from a less-than-reliable website? What are some consequences?


· Apply this procedure for other research topics.

Inclusion Practices

· Use one reliable source and one chosen source.

· Provide assistance.

· Provide topics to research.

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