By: Annette Reynolds

Background information

Capital: orangestad

Major cities: Oranjestad and paradera

History: it was controlled by Europe but then gained independence in 1975. Till this day they are not controled by another country. Their official language is Dutch.

Geographical information

Aruba is in the southern Caribbean. Some of Arubas physical features are white sand beaches, riverless (no water on the island like lakes or rivers), and is a flat island.

Political and diplomacy information

Their type of government is a parliamentary democracy. Their leader is Michael Godfried Eman. Aruba is on good terms with other countries because Aruba is one of the four constituent countries that form the kingdom of the Netherlands.

Economic and trade information

Aruba's currency is florin (awg). Their economic system is socialism. They import machinery and electro technical equipment. They import the goods from the U.S.A. Netherlands, and Venezuela. They export real pearls or other precious stone. They export their goods to the U.S.A. Netherlands ,and Venezuela.
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Tourist information

People should cost Aruba because of the sites like the white sand with the clear water at the beach. Tourist should go to the beach for the ocean water and they should also cost their stores there.