Donuts on the Go

Parker R. Mike R.


Donuts on the Go would like to introduce a revolutionary service designed to help you, save time, money, and energy! Our company will personally deliver quality donuts to your doorstep or workplace so you can save the time of driving to the local donut shop! We plan to sell to the 'average joe' or the big business tycoon so we can fill his or hers needs. Our delivery service will save you the gas money to drive to buy donuts, and the stress of going through early morning traffic. The delivery will greatly cater to your needs for just a small delivery fee!

Low Low Prices!!!

Your mouth will be drooling when you hear our low low prices!

Donut Holes (Glazed): $.15 each, $1.50 dozen.

Glazed: $.60 each, $7 dozen.

Twists: $.80 each, $4.50 half-dozen

Cakes: $.80 each, $4.50 half-dozen

Chocolate with Sprinkles: $.70 each, $4.00 half-dozen

Pigs in a Blanket: $.90 each, $5.00 half-dozen

Jelly Filled (Strawberry, Raspberry): $1.05 each, $6.00 half-dozen

Freshly Brewed Coffee: $1.50

Delivery Fee: $2.50 flat rate 4-mi. radius. $.75 per additional mi.


Look for our advertisements at the local YMCA where we have flyers with menus and prices. Come to our store to sign up for our weekly emails where we will send promotions and discounts you can't find anywhere else! Radio ads will played on 96.7 FM and 1310 AM between the hours of 6-9 AM!

Promotions and Great Deals!

We will have monthly promotions that include FREE donuts and coffee our awesome discounts. Punch cards and coupons will be handed out to our most loyal customers. Sign up for our promotion emails for more information!