MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of March 30, 2015


Teachers are public servants. We are linked inextricably, through our students and parents, to the community we serve.

~Anna Baldwin, 2015 Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence recipient

Important Dates

3/31 Spring Concert

3/31 Jr. Academic League Match home

4/2 End of 3rd marking period

4/3-4/7 No School

4/4 TEAM Warner Road Bunny Hop

4/15 Grades Due

4/17 County In-service

Worthy Websites

National Music Museum - virtual tours of different time period instruments and much more

emaze - create amazing presentations

teachercast - professional development resource-interviews, how-to videos, various app and program reviews

padlet - create and collaborate


It becomes more and more difficult to arrange substitutes towards the end of the school year. Please consider using your personal days before June. Requests may be denied if coverage cannot be arranged.

On April 10th after 3:30 pm we will be offline for maintenance. Service will be restored later in the evening.

Please share with me via email or my mailbox an assessment that you will be using between now and April 10th. It should be the student version. This does not include a model curriculum unit assessment.

April will be observation month. Remember you can select the date and time for your long observation or I will set it up and notify you via email.

Enjoy the short week and your days off. Refresh and rejuvenate!