Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Franki Wendel


Stanton was born in Johnston New York November 12, 1815. She married Henry Stanton in 1840. Elizabeth received the beat female edcuation at the time.Stanton died October 26 1902 in new york city
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Reasons For Being A Activist

Elizabeth was mad because a women's husband died and all her land was taken away

from it Elizabeth thought that this was not fair at all.

Important Events

She helped organize the first women's right convention in Seneca falls , New York .


She wanted to vote and speak out to the public but the law did't allow her to do that. She allowed women to ride bicycles. when women were finally allowed to vote she never had the chance to see it happen.


In 1860 she precipitated a heated debate among women's right advocates by urging women to leave unhappy marriages.