Jethro Tull - Agriculture

Agr Sci Ori #5

Jethro Tull's Life

Jethro Tull was born on March 30, 1674 at Basildon, Berkshire and died on February 21, 1741 at Hungerford, Berkshire. He mostly spent his life in Bradfield, Berkshire. He spent his education at St. John's College, Oxford and started at age 17.

Jethro Tull's Importance

Jethro Tull was an English agricultural pioneer who helped bring the British Agricultural Revolution. He perfected a horse-drawn drill in 1701 and he also invented some machinery for the purpose of carrying out his system of drill husbandry, about 1733.

Interesting Facts

• Jethro Tull's first invention was a drill-plough

• Jethro Tull has been ill with pulmonary disorder

• Jethro Tull has also invented the turnip-drill

• The 1970s progressive band Jethro Tull was named after him