By: Amanda Miles

Symbol Name, Year it was created and the sacred book

The symbol of Islam is called the star and the cresent. It is belived to be an ancient pagan symbol that was adopted by the Ottoman empire. The religion was created in the year 750. Their sacred book is called there Holy Qur'an.

What they believe

They believe Allah is one eternal creator.

They believe in angels.

They believe the prophets;the prophets include the bibical prophets.

They believe in predestination which is when Allah has decreed everything that will happen.

Mawlid 2013 in Ukraine | Muslims celebrate birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad

were muslims worship

Muslims worship in a mosque. They remove their shoes and perform ritual washing before entering a Mosque to pray. Internally, a Mosque is sparse, having little or no furniture.

Geographic Origin

The religion started in Mecca. It then spread through all Saudi Arabia. It eventually spread to the world as Mohammed said he was sent as a mercy to humanity.