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You Are Invited!

Beaumont's B2SN will be held virtually on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at 6:30-7:30 PM. In addition to the Livestream, families will have the opportunity to view teachers' pre-recorded videos and slide decks.

Please click on this link at 6:30 PM to join the Livestream.

Youtube Live Stream Link

Please use this link to access teacher-created videos and the Teacher Slidedeck

If you are not able to make it during the scheduled time of our event, please head to our main Beaumont School website at your leisure. Our recorded live session, along with teacher videos and slides will be posted to our website, the following morning.

Beaumont School Website

Agenda (click here for copy of full agenda)

Office Hours:

The following people will be available from 7 pm to 7:30 pm for office hours.

Ms. Harriette Vimegnon, Ms. Robbie Davis, Administration Team, and Ms. Hilda Gomez, Bilingual Community Agent (presented in Spanish and English)

Click here to join the Administration Team Q & A session

Ms. Julie McMillian, Librarian

Click here to join the Librarian Q & A session

Mr. Johanson, Student Climate Specialist

Click here to join the Student Climate Specialist Q & A session

The Counseling Team (presented in Spanish and English)

Click here to join the Counseling Team Q & A session

See you there.

Beaumont Staff