"Gummie Bears"

Our family sticks together no matter what!!!


I am Hispanic and I come from a strong family. My family heritage is the type to stay together no matter what. We have a special bond like no one else. When someone gets sick we are all there. We stick together like gummy bears! Most of my family have 5 or more kids. My family has this thing about naming their children after each other. For example, my middle name is Rubbena like my aunt or "tia" . My brother is named Ruben after my grandpa. My sister is named Yvette like my other aunt. It's a family tradition that keeps going we at least have about 5 Ruben's in our family.

Our family parties....

When we celebrate birthday parties, we do it a little different. We all get together at a family members house and grill fajitas. All my Aunt's get together and make rice, beans and tortillas. We make a lot of food, because we have at least 50-75 family members come. We get the birthday kid a "pinata". A pinata is a favorite character made out of newspaper and filled up with lots of candy!!! Our parties usually end at 2 in the morning. Because, it feels like a mini-family renioun. We laugh and talk about school and friends. We love taking lots of pictures and recreating them. Like my mom has a lot of picures with her cousins from youngest to smallest. So, I do the same with my cousins. One day we will look back and remember those days....like my mom says.