CPS Weekly Parent Update

Week of February 16, 2021

Black History Month and Trimester 2 Wrap-Up

CPS Parents,

February is Black History Month. Please check out the link to the Nantucket Historical Association below and a picture from our wall at CPS. Also included this week is a preview of wrapping up trimester 2 in March when we return from February break.

Video Version of CPS Parent Update - 2/16/21

Thank you,

CPS Admin Team

Michael Horton, Adriene Lombardi, and Tracy Mailloux

Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Check out the link below to the Nantucket Historical Association's events this week and next:


At CPS, students are posting photographs and writing short bios to show that Black Lives Inspire: Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Count Basie, Bill Russell, Simone Biles, Spike Lee, Muhammad Ali, and Alicia Keys to just name a few...

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SAVE THE DATE: 3/17/21 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday, 3/17/21. This is a half-day for NPS students, with conference slots available from 1:30pm to 5:00pm that afternoon.

Sign-up through SIGN-UP GENIUS (coming the week of 3/1/21 to 3/5/21)

10-minute slots with teams of 2 teachers remotely through Google Meet.

Parent-teacher conferences are not required, and if this day does not work, parents may reach out to their student's teacher to request a meeting at another mutually agreeable time.

Trimester 2 Ends on Friday, 3/19/21

Report cards released in ASPEN on Friday, 3/26/21

MORE Schoology Drop-in Support!

CPS teacher, Rachael Sullivan, is offering more Schoology drop-in support:

Wednesday, 2/17/21

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Google Meet Link

NPS Family Survey

Please help Nantucket Public Schools help you! We are asking all parents and guardians to complete a short Family Needs Survey to offer feedback on how we can better serve you and your child.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Jennifer Rabold, the Director of Curriculum and Assessment for Humanities, at: raboldj@npsk.org

February Vacation Travel

Just a reminder that if families travel out of state for February break, they will have to get a Covid test or quarantine upon returning to Massachusetts. (Travel Order)

ALSO, if families extend their vacation either before or after the week of 2/22 through 2/26, students are NOT allowed to remote-in to their classes. They are considered absent and will have to make up the work upon their return to school. The MA DESE and the NPS district have clarified that students must be physically present within district boundaries to attend 'school'. The state does not differentiate between remote learning and in-person learning - both are considered 'school'.


Schoology Support

Schoology is a learning platform that CPS teachers are using for daily 'playlists' and class activities. We are starting to use Schoology for recording grades for assignments. If any parent is having trouble logging into Schoology, please email Michael Horton for support:


We can reset a password/username or add a parent to a student account. Once in, the program is relatively simple to navigate to your student's courses.

Note: Although we are starting to utilize Schoology to share student grades during the term, it is not replacing Aspen. Report cards, schedules, and other components must still exist in Aspen for state reporting. Aspen is a student information database.

As a learning platform, Schoology is more of a replacement for Google Classroom.

Flu Vaccine Requirement CANCELED by MA DESE

The MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has CANCELED the requirement for students to get the flu vaccine before 2/28/01. The cited reason is a mild flu season this year. The state still highly recommends that students receive the flu vaccine, especially since the Covid-19 vaccine will not be available to students for some time. Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine had been approved for ages 16 and up and Moderna's vaccine is only available for people 18 and older.

Here is a link to the MA Governor's information on required school immunizations: Required Vaccinations

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is offering the flu vaccine: NCH Link

Extra Help Available on Wednesdays

Staff are available for extra help on remote Wednesdays. There are some times available in the morning before school, and some times in the afternoon.

Please contact Adriene Lombardi to sign up: lombardia@npsk.org

When can students remote in?

The district is reviewing these policies especially now that everyone is remote for this week. Stay tuned for more information.

ABSENT: If a student is absent on the day that they are supposed to be present in-person, they cannot remote in that day. They are marked absent since they are not physically present for their in-person class. This is too last minute and disruptive to class rosters changing on a daily basis.

VACATION/LONG WEEKEND: If a student is going away for a vacation or weekend event early on a Friday, we do not provide remote links. They are also considered absent and must make-up any missed work as has always been the district policy.

QUARANTINE ORDER: If a student is asked to quarantine due to a state travel order or local contact tracing protocol, we can temporarily set-up links for the student to remote-in to their current schedule - without switching their entire schedule since the switch is temporary and finite (10-14 days).

MOVING to COHORT D for LONG TERM: If a family feels that in-person is unsafe, they may request to move their student to Cohort D for all remote links with a remote team of teachers. However, please know that moving back to an in-person Cohort A, B, or C schedule is not a simple switch, so a request to Cohort D is for the rest of Trimester Two (through March 19).

A reminder that if a student is going to be traveling for more than 15 days, they will be withdrawn from school and re-enrolled upon return. No guarantees that they would be returned to their original cohort or 'pod'. This is past practice to deter families from traveling for extended periods of time that would cause their student to miss school. NPS administration recognizes that families are going to travel, we just can't provide remote options and students are going to have to make up work upon return.

If a student is going to miss more than 5 consecutive days for vacation or travel, a parent must schedule a meeting with the principal.

Grades Have Been Posted in Aspen

CPS parents and guardians can now view trimester 1 report cards in Aspen.

After logging into the Aspen parent portal, report cards will be under the 'Pages' home tab and then under the 'Published Reports' box in the lower right corner of the screen.

ASPEN Log in Page

Report cards were also mailed home over break.

If parents have trouble logging into Aspen, please either click the forgot my password link on the log-in page. An email will be sent to the parent's private email that was provided when your student was registered for school.

Or, contact the NPS Tech Department:

NPS Tech Help Desk

Or, contact Kristen Holdgate in the CPS front office: 508-228-7283


Trimester 2 - Moving Ahead - Supporting Students

Here are some ways parents can support the work that teachers are doing each day:

1) Students should use their school-issued device to attend remote classes. When not in the classroom, Go Guardian is the best way for teachers to keep students on task and provide direct support for what to do or where to go. If a device is not working, contact the front office to arrange a loaner while a repair is done: Kristen Holdgate 508-228-7283 x1408

2) Students should keep their cameras on as much as they can. There are many benefits for teachers to 'see' student faces: attendance, engagement, and positive interaction with peers.

3) Parents should check on student progress. Schoology and ASPEN are open to parents as ways to check for missing assignments and updated grades.

4) CPS administration is examining why students failed classes for trimester one and then suggesting ways to support students for trimester two: extra help, tutoring, intervention classes with teacher assistants, and check-ins with school counselors or other support staff.

Principal note: Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Food Service Update - The Food Truck is back!

The district's food truck is available for lunch pick-up between 9:30am and 11:30am each school day. It is located along the driveway on the side of CPS next to the grounds department.

Any families struggling with food or winter fuel costs, should consider enrolling in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. Although lunches are free for all students through June 2021 (US Department of Agriculture) other assistive services are available during the pandemic through the Free & Reduced program.

Please contact Sarah Erichsen for more information: erichsens@npsk.org

Sarah is our data coordinator and can answer questions about the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. (It is much more than lunches these days...)

Grades and Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility

CPS students may not fail ANY subject for a trimester to be eligible for CPS winter sports: Basketball, Ice Hockey, Swimming & Diving. One F on a report card will make a student athlete ineligible to participate in team GAMES for the winter. Students may still practice with their teammates, and are encouraged to do so.

An F is a final trimester average below 60% for the trimester.

Winter Sports began on 12/14 and any student ineligible from a report card distributed on 12/18 will not have another chance to earn eligibility until the end of trimester 2 in March 2021, essentially missing the entire winter sports season.

Students may appeal to the CPS principal by proposing an academic probation plan.

2020 Sound Bites Awards - PSA First Place to Nantucket Students

A few of our 7th graders were given the 2020 Public Service Announcement Award from Sound Bites! This was a project that was completed with Ms. Baskett when they were in grade 5 at NIS. Congratulations! Check it out:

2020 PSA Award - First Place - Nantucket

Accessing ASPEN or SCHOOLOGY...


For parents of 7th or 8th graders, please contact Kristen Holdgate if you are having trouble logging into ASPEN to view grades:


Once in ASPEN, please go to the ACADEMICS tab and under the CLASSES side tab, click the course you would like to view under 'description'.

GRADE 6: Schoology

For parents of 6th graders, please contact Michael Horton if you are having trouble logging into SCHOOLOGY to view grades:


Contact Tracing Procedure

1) Teachers of the Covid positive student are asked for seating charts.

2) Teachers of the student are asked to report if anyone in their class was in close contact* with anyone else while in their class.

3) Anyone who is determined close contact will be contacted by Sara Brooks and will be encouraged to get a Covid test.

4) Regardless of the test result, that student or staff member must quarantine out of the school building for 8 days since last contact.

5) Further information will be provided through a letter from the Superintendent.

*The NEW CDC close contact definition is defined as being within 6 feet of a Covid positive person for more than 15 minutes. The 15 minutes is cumulative for the day and it does not matter whether wearing a mask or not.

The name of the Covid positive school community member (staff or student) is not released.

LUNCH MENU - School Lunch FREE for ALL students through June 24, 2021

School Lunch Menu: https://npsk.nutrislice.com/menu

CPS is under 'Secondary' with the high school menu

Per the US Department of Agriculture, School Lunch will be FREE for ALL students for the rest of the school year.

Breakfasts now available; must pre-order: petersonl@npsk.org

Nantucket Public Schools also offers Breakfast & Lunch for all remote learners. Pick-up available Monday - Friday
9:30am - 12 noon
Location: Right side of Cyrus Peirce Middle School. Drive through gates at school entrance, Food Truck located on the left-hand side of driveway, by the ramp, door 23.

Be Safe, Wear A Mask, Practice Hand Washing & Social Distancing 6 Feet Apart

NO LOCKERS Assigned to Start the Year - BACKPACKS have been donated.

Students should consider bringing a backpack to school each day to manage their books and supplies.

The Nantucket Rotary Club and Sheriff Jim Perelman have joined together to donate backpacks to students who need a backpack to navigate the halls of CPS. Please let me, a teacher, or the front office (Kristen Holdgate) know if your student needs a backpack.

We would also like to consider assigning lockers to students in the next month when the weather gets colder.

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CPS Attendance Line: 508-228-7283 option 2

Parents must still call students in if they are sick and won't be attending a remote learning class. This also applies if a student cannot make an afternoon class due to an appointment or other 'early dismissal'.

Student DROP-OFF and PICK-UP is in the back of CPS

Please refrain from using the front driveway. That entrance must be kept clear for buses and emergency vehicles.

CPS Enrollment Update: 420 (no change since 2/8/21 report)

(+9 since June 23)

CPS School Council Parent Members

Here is another way to contribute feedback and communicate with CPS:

Pauline Cronin croninp@npsk.org

Jessica Douglas jessicadouglas2145@gmail.com

Kristen Dussault kmd0630@verizon.net

Vanessa Larrabee vanessa.larrabee@gmail.com

Brent Tartamella btartamella@gmail.com

Meghan Washington meg.flaherty.mf@gmail.com