7 Principles of Goverment

By: Meikel Camacho Period: 2


How is this used in the constitution?Every state has the right to a republican form of goverment and the constitution will protect you from tyranny.


the constitution also talks about more goverment power sharing. Federalism is the thought of giving tpower to national, state, and shared powers between the national and state goverment. there are delegate powers, reserved powers, and concurrent powers. national= delegate, state= reserved, and shared powers= concurrent powers. 

Checks and Balances

the goverment is really involved in not letting the goverment get too much power, but in this case the 3 branches limit each other's power. the 3 branches can check and balance or control over the other branches.

Inividual rights

is stated in the goverment by saying that everyone has inidvidual rights they are given, recieved at birth, and can be taken away.

Limited gov.

dosent have all the power because it would be a tyrany

seperation of powers

the powers are split between three branches so that not one branch has all the power

popular sovereigntiy

in order to have a perfect goverment they created the constitution whitch is suposed to faver all people in the US